1. Jackson Super Star- Don LaJeunesse
2. Bliss-Stick Huka- TBA, friend wants to surprise winner with boat
3. Liquid Logic Remix 47- Brian Drzyzga
4. Belltown Bike Frame- Rand Currier
5. Kripalu trip- Bruce Patterson
6. Rafting Kennebec- Ken Day
7.Rafting Penobscot- Justin Jarvis
8. Rafting Zoar- Garret O’Keefe
9. Rafting kennebec- Brandon Andrews
10. Fun Yak deerfield- Taylor Krammen
11. Mitchel Paddle- Jim Marciano
12. AT2 Paddle- Veronica Estella
13. Thule hellaport kayak rack- Ian Scott
14. Coffee- David Mehan
15. Delaney House dinner- Glen Gosseln
16. Aqua Bound Canoe Paddles- Emily Roberge
17. ACA kayak lessons for two- Dan Boisvert
18. Rock climbing for two- Stephen Brown
19. $100 trailheadonline.net certificate- Don Coughlin
20. Scott Barnes Framed Art- David Proulx
21. Red Sox Tickets- Dan Flechsig
22. Ripboard- Patrick O’Connell
23. Dinner and stay at NH Inn- Duke Wavewalker
24. Stand Up Paddle lessons- Jeffery Clement

CONGRATS to all the winners and thank you to everyone for contributing. We raised a total of $17,520 to put in the Jim O’Brien Outdoor Achievement & Scholarship Fund. (the number keeps going up as people are still wanting to donate even though the raffle is over, THANKS!)


Proceeds will be given to the Jim O’Brien Outdoor Achievement and Scholarship fund.

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