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Some more photo’s of Jim from some of our trips with the Outdoor Adventure Club and

We had so much fun on all our trips, Jimmy helped the kids experience so many things
they never would have had the chance to, myself as well. I cant thank him enough and
we all miss him so much.

We will meet again my friend, just not yet. Until we do rest well, rest well.


I was reminded by e-mail last night of this video. I knew it existed
but had forgotten about it. I was asked to paddle that day but could
not. It is a beautiful video of Jim O’Brien, Jim Michaud, Heidi and one
other open boater paddling a low level WBW run through the arches. A
local historical group shot the video. What a great way to remember
Jim. I know these videos were for sale at one point and I can look into
it. Thanks! Rob LINK


Here are some pictures of Jimmy from some outdoor club trips. Unfortunately no group
shots because of permission and all that jazz. I will check some yearbooks at
school. I might be able to get you a photo or two of him working with the kids in
auto body shop. Thanks for everything you guys are doing.




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Jim Sticker

Attached is an old voice-mail that Jimmy had left me at work in Feb-2003 (Re:
Skiing) and I still had it on my computer. Steve

Jimmy BCBA
Westfield river race working rescue with grimglenn. I remember playboating with jim
at the ledges in westfield and he said to me, " I suck at palyboating,,,Do you get
points for flatspins?"  Then I paddle into the hole and got flipped and looked at
him asked if you points for  rolling!

"On my first run on Hubbard Brook (3/16/2010) I followed Jim down nearly every
single feature. Got some great pictures to share. After a spectacular run, we loaded
up my truck for a 5-person shuttle. When we were done the truck was too packed with
paddlers and gear so he climbed underneath 5-people's worth of boats paddles and
gear to find an open corner for the 6.5-mile shuttle drive back up a mostly dirt
road. With the truck cab windows open for communication on the March-thaw pothole
infested roads Jim declared that he was perfectly comfortable and having a blast
(but he wanted to start doing some more yoga)! I feel lucky to have known and
paddled with Jim over the past year. He was an amazing kayaker and person. Peace



Here are a couple of pic of Jim. What an adventurer! 

Zachary Swan

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