James "OBboats" O'Brien
Don (Williams) and I were going thru pics of our 2001 Grand Canyon trip Tuesday
night after we heard about Jimmy's death. Thought I would send you this one, Jim
just having a good meal in the 115 degree heat. Buffy Spencer.

Additional pictures!

Even though you can barely make it out, that pic of him next to his truck might
warrant mentioning that he entrusted his shop class to paint the mural on the back.

I believe the pic of him paddling is on Potash, one of the runs he frequented and
showed many people down.

Patrick Rogers was kind enough to share these photos of Jim on the water! (more photos)

Deefield Fest 2007

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Took some photos of Jim and friends at the 2007 deerfield fest. Jim later described his river trip as “another way to experience the river.”

E-mail us photos and we will post them up for all to see and enjoy. You have the ability to post comments on anything up, please do.

Send your Photos to: Photos@obboats.com
please give a small caption for the photo.

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Massachusetts Local News Report (online report)

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Here is a Link to all the NPMB posts concerning this great Loss.

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